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A key area of FAEA’s Strategic Plan focuses on the topic of Research and Knowledge. In part, the goal is to offer resources for both new and established art educators to consider in improving instructional practice and promoting the importance of art education and its impact on schools, students, and society. Beginning in 2020, FAEA’s Editorial Committee initiated a concerted effort to regularly feature research articles within the pages of the Association’s Fresh Paint magazine. Below we have collected the resulting manuscripts resulting from this new initiative as a way to provide members with a centralized site for accessing research findings that may provide inspiration for arts education practice.

What Affect Theory Can Tell Us About Becoming an Art Teacher
Jennifer Garcia, Lakeland Highlands Middle School, Polk County Public Schools
(Fresh Paint, Fall 2021)

The Alfombras: Creative Acts of Cultural Memory in Art Education
Heidi Powell, University of Florida
(Fresh Paint, Summer 2021)

Art a’ la Carte: Survival Tips for Art Teachers on a Roll!
Christina Bain, University of Texas at Austin
(Fresh Paint, Winter 2020-2021)

Curriculum Connections: Engaging Young Writers Through Book Design
Susannah Brown, Florida Atlantic University
(Fresh Paint, Fall 2020)

A Case Study in Classroom Management: Designing an Art Room for
Effective Learning
Jeff Broome, Florida State University
(Fresh Paint, Summer 2020)

Becoming an Art Teacher: Space, Materials, and Affect
Jennifer Garcia, Lakeland Highlands Middle School, Polk County Public Schools
(2020 FAEA Virtual Conference)

NAEA Research Commission

The NAEA Research Commission is working to meet the ongoing research needs of the visual arts education field.  Check out these links from NAEA to conduct and use research, and learn with others.

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