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FAEA Conference Presenter Information

Conference Registration

All presenters must be registered for the conference except for keynote speakers and exhibitors. Conference registration will open in mid-August. See the Conference Information page for registration prices. 

Conference Date and Location

This is an in-person conference, there are no virtual or hybrid options. If you are not able to travel to the Caribe Royale Hotel in Orlando on October 13-16, 2022 for the conference, please contact us immediately to cancel your session. 

Session Lengths and Types

Art Forum or Product Showcase Session: 50-minute lecture-style presentation, seating will be theatre-style with no tables available for hands-on activities. 

Workshop or Product Showcase Workshop: 90-minute hands-on workshop. Attendees will pay an additional $10 registration fee for each workshop, and capacity will be limited to 25 in the Boca rooms and 30 in the Hibiscus room. Tables will be provided in each workshop room, with seating for 2 per table. 

Please plan to start and end on-time as a courtesy to the presenter of the next session schedule in your room. In most cases, Art Forum sessions only have a 10-minute turnaround time between sessions, and workshops have 30 minutes.


You will be sent a link to upload digital copies of your handouts just before the conference, to allow attendees to download them from the mobile app or online schedule. You may also provide printed copies, however, FAEA does not provide copies or reimburse for the cost of printing/copying handouts.

All presentations, handouts, lesson plans, images, etc. must be original or have written copyright permission to use them. See for more information.

Projectors and other Audio/Visual Equipment

Due to the high cost of hotel conference A/V rental, FAEA is not able able to provide any equipment. Each presentation room will have a projection screen or blank wall that you can aim your projector at, but you will need to bring your own projector. 

You must also bring any other equipment you will need to present, such as laptop computers, document cameras, speakers, extension cords, HDMI adapters, etc.  If you borrow a projector from your school, make sure you also have the correct cables and adapters to use it with your laptop.

Meeting rooms are not equipped with sinks. Bathrooms with sinks are accessible near all meeting rooms.

No Internet Access

Internet access in Hotel Conference Rooms is extremely expensive, and therefore FAEA is unable to provide internet access to presenters. In addition, we cannot guarantee that the cellular signal will be strong enough inside the conference rooms to use your phone as a hotspot. Please plan your presentation accordingly:

  • Take screenshots of any websites you will be demonstrating.
  • Make sure video clips you will be showing are downloaded as video files and saved on your computer
  • If using Google Docs or Google Presentations, make sure you make them available offline using the same computer you will be using to present
  • Test it in Advance: Turn WiFi off, or turn on Airplane Mode. Then, go through your presentation to make sure everything still works. 
Workshop Supplies

For each "hands-on" 90-minute workshop session, please plan to provide supplies for up to 25 participants if you are scheduled in a Boca room, and 30 participants if you are in the larger Hibiscus room. 

Reimbursement of up to $75.00 for supplies will be provided for each workshop session. To request your reimbursement, please submit copies of your receipts along with the completed and signed reimbursement request form below:

Presenter Reimbursement Form 2022