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Local Art Education Assembly

The Local Art Education Assembly Representative serves as the liaison between FAEA and the individual school districts' art education organizations. They study legislative policy and other matters of the association and make recommendations to the FAEA Board of Directors. 

Local Art Education Assembly Representative

Natalie Potacco


LAEA District Representatives

A Local Art Education Assembly District Representative will become a Local Art Education Association Delegate when the District affiliates with FAEA. Affiliation is accomplished by providing FAEA with the district organization’s Constitution, Bylaws, a list of officers and a list of art educators in that District. Service is by appointment or election by FAEA members in the District. The District Representative must be a member of FAEA. There is no set term of office.

Local Art Education Assembly Representatives represent an unaffiliated district at the FAEA Conference and present concerns of the district, but they do not participate in voting. 

  • Dade Art Educators Association
    Facebook: Dade Art Educators Association, Inc.
  • Escambia Elementary Art Educators Association
    Facebook: Escambia Elementary Art Teachers Group
  • Hillsborough Art Education Association
    Instagram: @haeafl
    Facebook: Hillsborough Art Education Association (HAEA)
  • Lee Art Education Association
    Instagram @the_laea
  • Manatee Art Education Association
    Facebook: Manatee Art Education Association
  • Northeast Florida Art Education Association
    Facebook: Northeast Florida Art Education Association
  • Orange County Art Educators Association
    Facebook: OCAEA
  • Palm Beach County Art Teachers Association
    Instagram: @pbcata
    Facebook: pbcata
  • Polk County Art Education Association
    Facebook: Polk Art Education Association
  • Pinellas Art Education Association
    Instagram: @paeaflorida
    Facebook: Pinellas Art Education Association (PAEA)
  • Sarasota Art Education Association
    Instagram: @sarasotaarted
    Facebook: Sarasota County Area Art Teachers and Friends

If we missed you, please contact with your association’s information and we will add you to the list!

Join or Start a Local Art Education Assembly


See Fresh Paint Fall 2020, p. 12 to learn how to start a new Local Art Education Assembly! 


  • Meet other art teachers
  • Guidance and mentorship
  • Professional development
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Community involvement

To begin, focus on what is most important and add one or two more elements each year. Start with finding a common meeting time and location (whether in person or virtual). Reach out to all art educators in your community and invite them to join. Set some goals and write a mission statement. Consider applying for tax-exempt status by visiting During meetings, share classroom tips and tricks, or have a member teach others a new technique. Meetings can be for learning, sharing, or social purposes. Do some dreaming as a whole group while you set short and long term goals

Insight to Your Local Art Education Association from Fresh Paint Winter 2022-2023, p.16

Writing a Mission Statement from Fresh Paint Summer 2021, p. 10

Ways to Communicate from Fresh Paint Summer 2020, p. 9

2023 FAEA LAEA Award Winner from Fresh Paint Conference 2023, p. 46

25 Things to Enrich Member Involvement in Fresh Paint Fall 2021, p. 10

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