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Facilitator Information

FAEA Session Facilitators assist the session Instructor in presenting a high-quality, research-based professional development session that is to transpire in a timely and respectful manner for all registered participants.

To Volunteer as a facilitator for one of the paid workshops you will be attending, check the facilitator volunteer check-box in your conference registration. 

Facilitator Responsibilities:

1. Arrive Early

Hands-on workshops have 30 minutes between sessions, and Art Forums only have 10 minutes between. For Workshops, please plan to show up at least 15 minutes early if not earlier, and introduce yourself as the facilitator to the presenter.

Become familiar with the Site Map Online or in the Mobile App to find your room and locate the restrooms in case anyone asks or needs to clean up.

2. Assist with Set-Up

Offer to help distribute materials to the tables, pass out handouts, set up the presenter’s computer and projector, etc…

3. Confirm Session “Tickets” for All Workshop Attendees

As you know, extended hands-on workshops require that each attendee is registered through their conference registration. It is your responsibility to make sure all attendees have registered and paid for the workshop. You do this by checking the schedule on the back of their conference name badges to make sure it is listed there.

Facilitators should make sure the workshop is listed on the back of each attendee's name badge.

4. Restrict Seating to Registered Participants Only

Guest Observers are not allowed. If the attendee registered a Guest or Spouse as part of their registration, there was a disclaimer that they would not be able to participate in hands-on workshops with them. You may suggest they go to an Art Forum workshop or browse the Exhibit Hall instead. Due to fire codes, everyone must be in a seat, no blocking the aisles, and because some of our rooms are extremely small this year, we do not have room to allow guest observers.

The only exception to this is the Museum Tours - if you are facilitating the Museum Tour and an attendee brings their guest, as long as the member attendee has the museum tour on their badge, and their guest’s badge says “Guest of” and that member’s name, they are allowed to accompany them on the tours.

No Waiting Lists - if someone is hoping to get in because it was full when they tried to register, ask them to go to the laptops at the registration desk to see if spots opened up that they can purchase.

If anyone says they added it later and didn’t get an updated badge, send them to the conference registration desk, and we’ll be happy to give them the correct badge. The registration desk is near all the workshop rooms, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

5. Provide Positive Reinforcement to Instructor and Session Activities

If the presenter would like you to introduce them, feel free to read a short section of their bio from the online schedule or conference app in your introduction. Once the workshop is ready to begin, feel free to take your seat and participate normally.

Most of our presenters are fairly experienced and will be very comfortable in this setting, but we also have a few who are fairly new to presenting at conferences. As a facilitator, we ask that you occasionally provide some positive feedback and help move along the session for everyone who is attending.

It is also a good idea to help keep the presenter on time. If you feel like they are a long way from wrapping up when there are only 10 or 15 minutes left in the allotted time, please subtly remind the presenter that it is almost time to end or let them know how much time is left.

6. Monitor and Remain in the Session, Help with Clean-up

Please stay in the session until the presenter concludes and says their goodbyes. Please help clean up by throwing away any trash, and if the tables need to be wiped clean, you can get wet paper towels from the nearest restroom.

Any dirty water that needs to be disposed of should be taken to the stainless steel sink in the back service hallway. Do not pour paint-water in the sinks in the restrooms if it contains paint or inks that may stain the sinks.

Ask the presenter if they need help packing up supplies and carrying them somewhere.

Thank You!

You are one of over 200 volunteers who help make this conference a success, so we really do appreciate your willingness to help in this very important role. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or call the office at 850-205-0068.




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