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Workshop participants will be practicing an experimental technique called "Free Form Weaving" that Evelyn taught herself. Regardless of participants' levels of expertise, this technique can be adapted across the vast universe of textiles. It can be used to produce 2D fabric and/or material for 3D-shaped sculptures.

This workshop is led in a calm, non-competitive way, encouraging creativity around materials to use, including colors and textures. It allows participants to foster community and "weave" relationships.

Starting with a brief history of weaving, participants will learn of the importance of weaving across different civilizations throughout time, and promote an appreciation of Fiber Art as it stands today. Its evolution begins with the very basic need of human beings to cover themselves, and most recently advanced to Fiber Art exhibitions now shown in major museums around the world.

Demonstration of the "Free Form Weaving" technique and hands-on practice will occupy most of the time during the workshop. 

Date & Time: Thursday, June 16, 2022, 9:30am - 3:00pm


Frost Art Museum
10975 SW 17th St
Miami, FL 33199

Presenter: Evelyn Politzer

Cost: $50 (includes Frost Art Museum tour & workshop supplies)


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