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2008 FAEA Award Winners

Nan P. Williams
Career Service Award

Suzanne Neve
Community Service/Institution/Corporate Award

Pearl Krepps
Distinguished Service Award

Pam Burnham
Elementary Principal of the Year

Connie Phillips
Florida Art Educator of the Year

Richard Kessler
Friend of Art Education Award

Clem Pennington
Lifetime Achievement Award

Rosemary Shaw
Outstanding Elementary Art Educator

Susannah Brown
Outstanding Higher Education Art Educator

Mark Lee Rosenkrantz
Outstanding Middle School Art Educator

Barbara Jean Davis
Outstanding Secondary Art Educator

Jude Goodier-Mojher
Outstanding Museum Educator

Susan Kaye Martelli
Principal of the Year

Evelyn Starkey Davila
Retired Art Educator Award

Ronald Blocker
Superintendent of the Year

June Hinckley Award of Excellence
Linda Crawley
McMullen Booth Elementary

Charles Dorn Award of Excellence
Joseph Perri
Monarch High School

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