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FAEA Districts Assembly

The Districts Assembly serves as the liaison between FAEA and the individual school districts' art education organizations. They study legislative policy and other matters of the association and make recommendations to the FAEA Board of Directors. 

Districts Assembly Chair:
Latonya Hicks


The Districts Assembly Chair represents the Districts Assembly on the FAEA Board of Directors and reports activities of the membership in Fresh Paint magazine, the FAEA website, and e-mail newsletters.

Districts Assembly Affiliates

District Representatives

A District Representative will become a District Delegate when the District affiliates with FAEA. Affiliation is accomplished by providing FAEA with the district organization’s Constitution, Bylaws, a list of officers and a list of art educators in that District. Service is by appointment or election by FAEA members in the District. The District Representative must be a member of FAEA. There is no set term of office.

District Representatives represent an unaffiliated district at the FAEA Conference and present concerns of the district, but they do not participate in voting.

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