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General Session: Keynote Speaker Amy Gross

Thursday, October 13, 2022 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Caribe Royale: Caribbean IV-V 

Audience: All

Tags: Textiles 3D Teacher Education

Pathway: Learning Discovering and experimenting with new techniques, skills, materials, and technology

General Session featuring Florida-based fiber and mixed-media artist Amy Gross.

Ms. Amy  Gross

Amy Gross is an award-winning fiber and mixed media artist based in Florida. Her hand-embroidered and beaded sculptures are magical microcosms, merging the natural world with her own inner life. Attracted and frightened by things on the edge of spoiling or straining to support an excess, the Florida artist creates vignettes that cluster, tangle, cling and multiply. Paradoxically, these vivid accounts of the natural world use nothing from nature. Amy's recent awards include the Artist Innovation Fellowship from the Cultural Council for Palm Beach County, South Arts Southern Prize Finalist and State Fellow, First Place at Gritty in Pink Bailey Contemporary Art, and many others. Her recent residencies included the 2015 Arrowmont Pentaculum at the Arrowmont School of Art and Craft in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Skowhegan, Main. "My embroidered and beaded fiber sculptures merge together the natural world and my own inner life. They suggest not only what can be seen, but also what cannot: the early alterations of time, the first suggestions of disintegration. My elements cluster, tangle, hybridize and multiply, adapting to the environments they are placed into. Yet, paradoxically, they’re the result of human intention - completely unnatural."