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5 Senses Immersive Art Experiences - Exploring Your Niche: Compose With Your Physical, Spiritual, and Mental Environment

Friday, June 25, 2021 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Audience: All

Pathway: n/a

Handouts and Links:

Join Latanya Hicks to explore your mental space with mindful motion and to create a dynamic mixed media work of art in which you will explore your environment through touch, collecting natural and found art-making materials. Interact with Miriam Machado at the Frost Museum, immersing yourself in the inspiring collection of inspiring masterworks. Participate in a thematic audio playlist to awaken your sense of hearing and cook up some of the suggested recipes to recharge and bring greater awareness to your mind, body, and spirit through your sense of taste. The experience concludes by exploring discoveries encountered by participants throughout the sensory-rich time together, reflecting on our journey and the inspired art created during the workshop. Recipes and playlists will be provided to registered participants.

Latonya  Hicks 

Largo High School

Latonya has taught IB and AP art for 7 years and grew her AP program from 3 to 28+ and IB program from 0 to 23. She is also an AP reader. It is a challenge to teach two highly academic yet philosophically different programs at the same time and still maintain high levels of success. That success is from having a strong community.

Miriam  Machado 

Frost Art Museum at Florida International Universi

Miriam Machado, M.A., is Director of Education at Frost Art Museum at Florida International University and is the FAEA Museum Division Director. Miriam earned a bachelor’s degree in Art History and Fine Arts and a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in Museum Studies, specializing in education. As a museum educator, she is responsible for developing all programming for students in the MDCPS, working with Title 1 schools and students of all abilities. She oversees an education specialist, interns, and federal work study students within the department. She is the ADA coordinator for her museum and works closely with teachers on grant-funded initiatives and professional development.